Rain, rain, go away

11:00 PM

It has been a pretty bad week here in the Philippines in weather view but I've been pretty busy and happy myself. 

We didn't have class since Monday and I just heard from my friends that our school's OSA sent messages that said there will be no classes tomorrow, still. Meaning to say there will be more time for me to slack off. 8D But then my other friend said that there will be a lot of make up classes so I better prepare myself to that. *sighs* Maybe good things never do last, huh? Oh well..

I'm loving fanfictions right now!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~
Fanfics just made my days!! Well, actually I wasn't a big fan of it at first because most of what I read had so many grammatical and weak plot and everything in it. But it changed when one of my friend sent me fanfics of BeakYeol & KaiSoo(OMFG!! I'm totally shipping KaiSoo OTP OTP!!).

The first one is Absolute Chanyeol.
Oh my God! Oh my God!! I don't care if Chanyeol (in the story) is an imperfect robot, but for me( and of course, for Baekhyun, too) he's freakin' damn the sweetest creation ever!! Beware, Tears all over the place.

Second one, Anterograde Tomorrow
Screw life, screw memory, screw death. Tears. Tears. Tears. This is definitely the saddest and exceptional fic ever. TT_TT I mean seriously changdictator is the best, really. So tragic, very deep, one of a kind. Uh! Just.. Please read.. you'll understand. Just as a reminder, Baekhyun is still alive and breathing.... and loving Chanyurl... Srsly. 

Third and last, Together Again
Fluff KaiSoo!! It's soooo cute!! Read it!! It instantly became my inspiration the moment I read it. Jjang!! 


That's it for now, Chingu!! I'll share some more fanfics once I finish them. Don't want to give you fics that I don't approve of. Haha And if ever you read this and have an awesome fanfic to share, may it be fluff, tragic, romance, smut, it doesn't matter as long as it has a VERY GOOD STORY LINE. Please suggest it to me. You can write your suggestion/s in the comment box at the left side of the screen. Kamsahamnida!!!

Don't forget to pray for us!! Keep safe, everyone. :)


Despicable Me 2


1:04 AM

Annyeong Chingu!!
And yet here goes me again posting another late update of my life. Kkkk
What I've been to the past month was mostly into Journalism, School, and CBI. Man, I was very busy with everything I forget to enjoy life, or maybe not. :) 

August 10. The day Krizzy celebrated her debut and I assured myself it was a night to remember. First off, my heels broke. Mt gift was one of the useful and awesome one. Third, the food was superb! Fourth, we stayed into Pearl Hotel sponsored by my friend, which I'd like to consider as my big bro as he considers me as his lil sis (yeah, I have rich and awesome friends who love me. haha spoiled brat) |m| Fifth, we watched The Conjuring very late at night. Sixth. I didn't spend any money the day after the 10th. Seventh, my big bro treated us to the movies(Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters), The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Yang Chow. So basically, we spent the whole day enjoying life and filling our tummies with yummy delicacies :3 

Oh and I had a REALLY FUN get-together with my bff, Ashley. It was way back summer vacation since we last saw each other so I was pretty pleased seeing her. Even though she mostly talked about boy probs and stuff,(Oops. Hi Ash! I know you're reading this. Peace out) I still love her so much. But I know she probably learned her lessons now and slowly moving on with life. Potato Chips. And, she bought me waffles even though I was on a diet. Thanks for the extra calo, Ash! Love yah!! haha Ooh, and we took pics together. I loved it!

"I kicked some butt and I won't take any more risk just to hurt myself. Why should I keep on running after them if they don't even want me to. I'm happier now."

So, I have this "Babyclaws" resolution. Just 'cause I plan on improvements and well everyone started from being a baby(chicken vs. egg. whatever. I prefer egg), I started with not being late. And so far I've done a very good job. Yay me!! Haha Hmmm I just wonder what shall come next after that one.

The highlight of this post is, MOVIES!!!

The Conjuring

Scary. Vintage. Thrilling. Terrifying Dolls. I love it!! Though I was pretty disappointed with the changing of scenes(I forgot what it's called) because you don't get which story is which, and also it takes too long before it gets thrilling.

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

I've been waiting for years to watch this movie!! Awesome effects. professional actors, cool places, superb fighting skills!! The best! And of course, the movie isn't always the same as the one in the book so, yeah. You know what I mean if you're also a reader. kkkkk

Despicable Me 2

Ughh.. Minions + Agnes = utter cuteness!! What can I say? It's everyone's favorite. I can't tell much more otherwise I'll just spoil. XD Well, just take the picture above as a clue. :)


Oh my sweet little toenails!! After watching this movie, I wanted to shrink like MK and discover an amazing world out in the forest. Like seriously, it is absolutely epic!! The title of the movie itself suggests what you are about to encounter and see. I love it!! 


Ice cream! I just love my lockscreen wallpaper!! It's Infinite's lockscreen! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everytime I open my phone, I get thrilled to see which member will appear. 키욮타
Though I'm having pleasure in my lockscreen wallpaper, I'm pretty sad that Woollim Ent. still hasn't included Philippines as part of Infinite's OGS concert. I mean is it because of the incident that happened in DKFC? Mepoooo. I really want them here... I just hope my money will cooperate if they will do so. Kkkkk

I'm totally loving EXO right now. I mean srsly. From Wolf era to Growl era, they just keep on improving and making themselves known. As they say, EXO is the "Scary rookies". But, I'm totally buying the Growl concept. Ugh!!. They're so manly, and talented, and handsome!! AND!! They really did perform as one, so I'm happy. And they won so many awards now and have so many guesting. 

I wanted to tell more but It's getting so late now I shall bid my goodbye. Heuheu. I'll be gone for a while again. Thank you for coming to my page and please don't get tired of waiting for my posts. :) Kamsahamnida~~



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