I'm Back! Still the old me :)

8:32 PM

It's almost the end of the lovely month of May ^.^
There's so many things that happened this month. Things that is not unusual but
worth to be remembered . :)

This month, I've celebrated my birthday. Actually it's my and my sister's birthday!
It was on May 7. It was a fun day.
Celebrating it with my family, having a nice day out, feeling the Love
and the urge to be mature as my age comes.
It wasn't only that. My special someone was with me all that time
and I felt so happy, so amazed, I was love-strucked!
It was a very blessed day ^.^
I'm now 14. And as I go through with my life,
I want to thank God, my mommy, my siblings, my family and relatives, my best friends and friends.
My life has been a very nice experience. And I hope to learn more as I go through life.


○Summarization of  my month of May:
• I fell in love
• I've celebrated my birthday
• I learned something new!
• I had a 1week vacation on my best friend's home
• I was broken-hearted
• I made a wrong choice but now I learned
• We've celebrated my little sister's birthday at our town festival!
• I'm tryna' break through
• I'm getting ready for my coming 4th year high school year.


Now I learned that you have to make things happen rather than imagine or wait for things to happen in your life!
Time is gold, life is precious. Don't take a person or thing or your feelings for granted.
Be real, be true. You have to find YOU or rather, you have to make YOU.
No one can do it for you, you have to take the step. It's your life.
Make the most with it.
Love.Be Happy.Give Thanks.Live your life to the fullest.



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