Halloween with Google

3:13 PM

I am loving Google's Home page right now. Hihi ♥

Go and play it :3
My favorite combinations are:
Potion and Skull where there are ghosts in the house; &
Bone and Potion where you have to get rid of zombie hands :)



Date Check: October 30, 2013

3:09 PM

Hey guys, tomorrow's my special day!! Haha. Kiddin'. Tomorrow's Halloween! The most precious day of the year for me besides my birthday, my mom's birthday, my sisters' birthday, my friend's birthday, my biases' birthday.., and Oh! did I already mention my birthday? Yep? How I wish Halloween was my birthday. I could have had the scariest party of the year. Eh. I'm so vain about these things but anyway, here are some photos(once again) to give you shivers for tomorrow evening. Enjoy!

Told you it's gonna be freaky =_= Go on and wear your scariest costume and share the fright ♥




1:23 PM

My Otaku side has been acting up. LOL



Digging up on some quotes

12:16 PM

I am feeling the heat rushing through my veins just to share quotes with you guys once again!! Ahihi. I've been very concentrated on sharing about my messed up life(at the moment) that I forgot to appreciate and apply wonderful quotations in my life. Here are some of the quotes(and amazing photographs) I love at the moment so wear your nicest get-up and get ready to feel the urge of young(can be old) blood and kick-butt! I don't care much but, YOLO!!

Okay, gods and goddesses!! I think I overdid posting photos. haha!!

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Love Parade on the track

9:40 AM

Meeting each other again after a whole semester in college just gave all of us a big break. Love Parade is getting on the track again and I guess everyone just felt better after seeing each other after so long.
Of course, there were catching up and other stuff but my favorite part of all was taking silly photos. Really, I love these girls!! They're all I could ever wish for. :)

"We're such big painfully beautiful messed up people altogether but we don't care 'cause we're weird like that and we're bestfriends."


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