The Boss Korean Comeback

11:27 PM

"Oh My God!! DGNA will have a comeback this November!... This is the reality I wanted." 
I once stated that to my best friend when I knew The Boss will FINALLY have their Korean comeback this year set on some time in November.

I was in utter shock. I've waited for this for so long that when I read the article that The Boss will have their comeback, I couldn't help myself but cry. Different emotions run through my veins and I felt really alive. How happy I was at that time! I even told myself, "This is it. I will totally do my best to support my UBG(Ultimate Bias Group) in whichever activity they'd do." I even thanked God and Poom Entertainment and everyone else who made this comeback possible. It's just a blessing. A big one. I've practically commit myself to them. After all, they were the reason I was part of this crazed world: world of kpop fangirl.

I remember making a poem about them the moment I finished reading the article. It was because I couldn't spazz to anyone at the moment. Haha. I'll post it here as soon as I have time(as always =_=).

So here they are, The Boss/DGNA, my princes :3 ♥

(photo cr. Cosmorion . com)



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