Good-bye August. Hello ber-months!

9:29 PM

End of the month August! Which means Ber-months is here to conquer!
I can't help but admit that so many things have happened in this passing month, August. It is rather a blessing and an addition to my experiences which I think I will be cherishing for the rest of my life. :3

I think, though it's hard to see, that I've grown.  
I've grown emotionally, mentally and socially.
I've grown, thanks to the help of those who truly care, I've grown.
I'm improving, though sometimes I still seem to do childish stuffs, I've grown.
With motivation, I've grown.
With care and love and affection, I've grown.
Though it's hard to keep track of things, I know I'm growing.
Though many people are trying to break me, 
I'm going to have a freewill,
and by that, I know I'm growing.
With faith, love and hope, 
I know I'll keep this positive pace.
And I'll keep growing,
Like a child yearning for attention and love.
Like a flower waiting to be touched by the bees.
Like you're passion for me.
I know, this will never fade.
I'll grow more.

Excerpt of my month of August:
•(Aug 12)Attended the Basic first aid seminar which was so cool since I'm going to take up O.T. in college.
•Celebrated my mom's birthday and sang "Mom it's your birthday" by Phineas and Ferb.
•(Aug. 19)Attended the POPCOM seminar with boring instructors and daring topics and bored classmates.
•(Aug. 20) First out of town trip with friends/classmates going to UST for the college entrance exam.(nicole,mika,jem,thalia,tin,cj and jandhe)
•Learned Korean language from a k-pop fan friend.
•(Aug. 22)a.Double celebration of my classmate's and adviser's birthday.
b. First competition I went to which I guess was a fail.(pag-gawa ng sanaysay)
•(Aug. 26)a.YAY!! won 3rd place from my first competition(had a medal)! It was love!
b. (Aug. 26-28)My first sleepover!@ mika's house with ashley and mika. 3 days and 2 nights.
•Had my first sleepover;
my first photo shoot;
my first video on youtube;and
my first K-pop love-at-first-sight idol, "Lee Injoon" !
all in one sleepover! How amazing is that,huh?

That's it for now! Sayounarah
There's still more to come! 

Good-bye "Love Parade August!" Hello, yet-to-be-discovered September! ♥



8:12 PM

I'm feeling totally blank today =/
I try to smile, I try to understand, I try not to care too much but I still feel a little bit of emptiness.

I participated in an essay competition at school today. The worse part is I can't think of anything interesting to write at that moment so I guess I failed . :((

Another one: I scored low in the English exam. Darn! I should have learned about the past/present participle >.<
And! __ Mentioned someone called "poeba" which I'm not aware of whoever IT is. Yeah IT!! I hate making conclusions or guessing about who's who. I mean with the persons I'm close or I like the most..>.< I'm Annoyed!! Who's "Poeba"?? What does it have to do with me? especially with __ ??
*sighs I'm all stressed out. I can't think cleverly right now.

I wanna learn how to use and shoot guns!!! I'm envious about those Geuvarian classmates I had 3 years ago. They are like having this CAT thing and they're experiencing cool stuffs like boating, rescuing, gun shooting and much more. *Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 
Oh well, what else can I do? I'm already here. Even though I miss their company so much, I must admit the reality. *Huwaaaaaaaah!! They're so cool, I can't help myself but feel really, truly, madly, deeply yearned.

I better stop this if I don't have anything good to say..don't cha think? hmmm


Hello Folks!

6:15 PM

It's been a while since I last wrote to you. Oh well, dealing with school and stuffs.
*Urghh. The examination made me all worn out and BV. Oh my God. Good thing it's already finished.


I've been doing good since the start of the month up to now. 
Although there comes the frustration and stress, I can still " Get through it ".
This was a line I read  in " My Year of Faith" 's post.
It's all about the ATTITUDE. 
No matter how bad or unlucky your day/life is, it's all about the attitude or how you deal or think and act to the situation.

Be Positive!!


Remember the post I've told about me reading a certain book?
I've finished it now. It's kinda more about his(the author) experience with whom he wrote the book to.
It's more like giving information, but partly fact. 

I guess the main point is:
" Never get too attached to someone you are never sure what he/she is planning concerning you."
And partly believing in God.

So there, it really didn't match my expectations but it did educate me; so I guess it's all worth it :)


So, this is it again for now! I hope for your visit again.
God bless



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