Planning ahead!

10:03 PM

Mother's Day is only a few hours ahead! I remember how I greeted my mom a happy mother's day.


Mom: Nic, tell your friend "Thank you" for me.
Me: Sure mommy.
* A few moments later*
TV Show-live host: It's Mother's Day today! Here are some ideas on a gift to give our dear mommys.....
Me: (thinking to myself) Waaaaaah?!!! Mother's Day is... TODAY!! Now it makes sense. "Tell your friend thank you". Whaaaaaat?!! I haven't even thought about a single present, or maybe a simple preparation. What kind of daughter am I??


Well, I certainly don't want that to happen again. *haha I don't wanna play that part again.
Soooo... For Mother's Day. 
Even though this time, thank God, I knew about the near approaching Mother's Day, I still can't think about something more extraordinary than the usual gift to give mom.
Ahhh!!...Believe me when I tell you I'm tryna squeeze my dear mind for something special.!
Inspiration. That's what I'm lacking right now. Inspirations!... and Direction
Where am I exactly going with this.. I mean, to tell you the truth, making this post didn't feel right... it felt ...forced as if I have to do this just to have another update or whatever you wanna call that WHICH is, I know is totally wrong!
From months of blogging I knew that every post, every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every dot and everything else has to come from the bottom of the heart., from the honest thought of the mind. This is all needed to make a real blog, a true blog.
But earlier it didn't feel to be that way. It felt sour, fake, uninteresting, and boring.
I'm pretty much relieved of saying that. It lifted the burden inside me. I am very much sorry for this horrible post. But one thing's for sure, I will do my best in making this Mother's Day a special one for my mom. :)
And I know for sure I'll find that Inspiration to get me going and that Direction on where I want that to lead. :D


Oh, before I forget it, I want to let you know about my new blog site: Live journal @



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