Who is the true me?

3:29 PM

Your view on yourself:
You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.
The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.
Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.
The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.
Your views on education
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.
The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.
How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.
What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.( Just did this last week :/ )
Who is your true self:
You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.


Wow! This is so true!

All credits to: Quizbox


My second sleepover and photo shoot!!

7:37 PM

After the field trip I went straight to Ashley's house for the sleep over.
I met, again, her family. Greeted her grandparents and had a little conversation with them.
Me and Cathy got to know each other and I figured out that her life was pretty interesting(opposing to mine =/ well I guess mine will improve, sooner or later. *hehe )
I found out that she likes someone(though she tries to convince me that she don't) that continuously teasing with her and in fact, having a lot of fun stuff going around with them.
I also found out that she has annoying-but-caring friends surrounding her.
She is, also, a good student, and that's a plus!
What I envy about this girl(though we are the same age), is that everything seems to get along with her.
She can pull out almost everything with her life.
She can react the right way to the corresponding situation.
And, she is a friend to a lot of guys and she can get along with them well.
Believe me, she is also pretty much good at observing. Pretty dangerous, huh? *haha

So, after the chit chat wit Cathy, I and Ashley went to bed and talked about everything that happened earlier.
The trip was fun, the people are fine, but the bus was so cheap, the places we went to was so boring excluding the mall, the curtain beside me kept falling on me and the person sitting at the back of my seat kept on cursing and saying bad words. Things could never be worse than this, but then again, never had I expected to cry on my last field trip, on that place, on that prank.
*Haixt. 12:00 a.m.


It was around 9 when me and Ashley got up, still felling tired and I can't quite control my gestures. I felt like there's wind pulling and pushing me around. But I guess it's only the pull of gravity. *hehe
I forgot that at 8, we have to go pick up Mika. Good thing she was considerate and still waited for my response.
We went to her house, but we said to her that we wouldn't anymore. But that was just a joke cause we want to surprise her. And then she was!! *haha. It was so funny cause she really thought that we wouldn't pick her up.


At around 5 or 6 p.m., we shopped at Ashley's closet to see if we can wear anything nice for the photo shoot.
I got to wear this cute, silky-like, baby pink long sleeves with matching baby blue hat. And the second one was stripped red, white and some black, sweater-like long sleeves which I liked a lot.

Ashley was first to take the pictures. She's really good at posing as if it is the right career for her. As for me, I can't find any pose!! As in, I was blank. I don't know what to do and if Ashley didn't help me with the pose, maybe I'll have ID like photo's. *haha

Anyway, I did good with the second cloth that wore. Maybe it is also with the fact that I liked it very much and I was pretty much comfortable with it.
And so, it was a success!
( Third part: Sour revelation and sweet comforting)


My Last High School field trip

7:20 PM

One of the most awaited activity in school is going on a Field trip!
Last September 23, Thursday, we had our field trip.
Our destination is Gardenia, Lights and Sounds, Amazing Show and MOA.
I didn't like most of what we went to see and the bus we we're ridding looked so cheap I couldn't help but lose interest in looking around.
Oh, going back. I didn't made a good first impression for the people in the bus. I was 1 of the late comers!! (>_<)
talking about embarrassing.
Before the bus took off, the tour guide lead a prayer and we altogether bowed down and said AMEN.
So after that the bus took off. The tour guide kept on entertaining us and speaking all the time. But I couldn't hear him even though he's using a mic cause I'm on the bottom part.
Did I forget to tell you that I get motion sickness ONLY in buses and uncomfortable cars? So there, after I ate some food and Marshmallow( my craving for almost everyday! thank God I had it at last), I felt so dizzy and then I suddenly threw up!
Good thing only Mika and Chum saw it.
So there, we are in Gardenia. I was so excited because I've already been there and I want to share my knowledge about it and see if anything changed, but trying not to let it show cause most people think it's a korny place.
So there, it did change, the video clip wasn't that long anymore compared from before. We weren't able to go inside where the breads were being processed, not like before. And they only gave Twiggies not their actual bread. But it did tasted good.

~ ~ ~ ~

And then the thrilling and funny part was in Lights and Sounds ( I'm already smiling XD )
I saw a really cute, classic looking bracelet at the venue. I really wanted to buy it but Ashley said there's more good looking bracelets in MOA so I didn't buy it, which I regretted so much cause I didn't see any like it in MOA and I felt a tiny, little, pain in my heart. :(
And so the proctor called us. At first I thought "Light and Sounds" was about technology and gadgets. But it's not!
When we went inside, we saw native Filipinos(statues, picture, etc.) and when the video started it was about Philippine history! 
Mika kept clinging on me cause she said she's afraid of the dark. And the place was so dark indeed unless it highlights something from where we are. It only lights up at one place when it is highlighting some statues or picture of events and people. We were dragged at different rooms with different scenes from the Philippine history, like when Magelan came and the Spaniards made us slaves and to Dr. Jose Rizal's death to the following Philippine independence up to present.
So back to the funny part: Mika was like " Nicole!!! It's so dark I'm so afraid!! *huhu. Ashley!!" and then the next thing I know I was screaming with her!! *haha. I heard Jaynes say,"Stay away from that three, they're crazy." Oh well, Jaynes has a big mouth so it's not a surprise and she was clinging to Angel also so that means she is scared,too. 
And then when we were walking, Mika keeps on going around me! She's like going into my left arm, and then the right, and then in the front and hugging me all the time! Jonas even said," You're a teddy bear now, huh." *Haha And everytime Mika does that, Ashley do it, too. When Mika goes clinging on my left arm, Ashley goes to the right and vice versa! It was kinda funny cause I am the youngest from the two and they were the ones who looked more scarred than me!

~ ~ ~ ~

And then back at the bus, the tour guide said we're gonna take our lunch at Blue Waves while waiting for our assigned time to go to the Amazing show. 
I brought my packed lunch with me but Mika and Ashley only brought sandwiches. Ashley asked me to go with her cause she's gonna buy her lunch and Mika's okay with her food and gonna stay at the bus. 
And then while on the Blue Waves, we went directly to Starbucks Coffee. 
I was so shy to go inside cause it will be my first going there! Then Ashley just dragged me inside and I smelled coffee. A rich flavored coffee. Ashley ordered a Mocha shake. I ordered Chocolate Chip Cookie.
It tasted nice indeed! But I'm not used to it yet so I gave what's left to Chum, and he seems to like it.

~ ~ ~ ~

While waiting on inside the bus to watch the Amazing Show, Mika kept on taking ghost-like pictures of me and the I cried. *huhu. I'm still a cry baby. Another embarrassing moment!! T.T
And the Ashley came and comforted me and saying, " If you don't stop crying, I'll cry, too." and then she really cried! Then said," I'm crying, first, because of the weather, second, it smells so bad in this bus.(It's because it's cheap!!) *huhuhu". *haha.
And then me and Mika made up.

~ ~ ~ ~

The show was good and the actors and actresses were really good (though most of them were gays).
I really like one actress there(which turned to be gay). I liked how good she/ he was on stage, not in person.
And then I was able to take a picture with her/him->(cause I don't know which in I should call that person (>.<) )
And then! We were able to get a picture with the pirnce in the show!! And Mika was so shy but Ashley seems to have "Chemistry" with him, he even hugged her and Mika was like calling him " Kuya " cause that's what she said we should call guys we don't seem to have "Chemistry" with. 

~ ~ ~ ~

MOA!!!!! We went to Accessorize, Hypermarket to buy some foods, Brownies, National bookstore, Toy Kingdom and Sbarro.
It was so much fun!! *haha
Mika and Ashley spotted a Korean dude which turned them on but suddenly turned them down when the girlfriend came along. Seeing their faces is urging me to laugh out loud! *haha
We were supposed to buy a memorandum as BFFs but we ran out of time so we just went on the bus and said we'll just gonna buy it some other time.
And then we were on our way home. :)
(Part two, second sleep over and photo shoot)


For once

4:10 PM

For once in my fourteen years of life, I felt everything is changing.
From the way I wake up in the morning.
From the way I eat my breakfast and take my bath.
From the way I smile.
From the things I usually do, but altered so much.
From my perception of life and the things happening in MY life.
From the way I feel.
From everything.


Good-bye August. Hello ber-months!

9:29 PM

End of the month August! Which means Ber-months is here to conquer!
I can't help but admit that so many things have happened in this passing month, August. It is rather a blessing and an addition to my experiences which I think I will be cherishing for the rest of my life. :3

I think, though it's hard to see, that I've grown.  
I've grown emotionally, mentally and socially.
I've grown, thanks to the help of those who truly care, I've grown.
I'm improving, though sometimes I still seem to do childish stuffs, I've grown.
With motivation, I've grown.
With care and love and affection, I've grown.
Though it's hard to keep track of things, I know I'm growing.
Though many people are trying to break me, 
I'm going to have a freewill,
and by that, I know I'm growing.
With faith, love and hope, 
I know I'll keep this positive pace.
And I'll keep growing,
Like a child yearning for attention and love.
Like a flower waiting to be touched by the bees.
Like you're passion for me.
I know, this will never fade.
I'll grow more.

Excerpt of my month of August:
•(Aug 12)Attended the Basic first aid seminar which was so cool since I'm going to take up O.T. in college.
•Celebrated my mom's birthday and sang "Mom it's your birthday" by Phineas and Ferb.
•(Aug. 19)Attended the POPCOM seminar with boring instructors and daring topics and bored classmates.
•(Aug. 20) First out of town trip with friends/classmates going to UST for the college entrance exam.(nicole,mika,jem,thalia,tin,cj and jandhe)
•Learned Korean language from a k-pop fan friend.
•(Aug. 22)a.Double celebration of my classmate's and adviser's birthday.
b. First competition I went to which I guess was a fail.(pag-gawa ng sanaysay)
•(Aug. 26)a.YAY!! won 3rd place from my first competition(had a medal)! It was love!
b. (Aug. 26-28)My first sleepover!@ mika's house with ashley and mika. 3 days and 2 nights.
•Had my first sleepover;
my first photo shoot;
my first video on youtube;and
my first K-pop love-at-first-sight idol, "Lee Injoon" !
all in one sleepover! How amazing is that,huh?

That's it for now! Sayounarah
There's still more to come! 

Good-bye "Love Parade August!" Hello, yet-to-be-discovered September! ♥



8:12 PM

I'm feeling totally blank today =/
I try to smile, I try to understand, I try not to care too much but I still feel a little bit of emptiness.

I participated in an essay competition at school today. The worse part is I can't think of anything interesting to write at that moment so I guess I failed . :((

Another one: I scored low in the English exam. Darn! I should have learned about the past/present participle >.<
And! __ Mentioned someone called "poeba" which I'm not aware of whoever IT is. Yeah IT!! I hate making conclusions or guessing about who's who. I mean with the persons I'm close or I like the most..>.< I'm Annoyed!! Who's "Poeba"?? What does it have to do with me? especially with __ ??
*sighs I'm all stressed out. I can't think cleverly right now.

I wanna learn how to use and shoot guns!!! I'm envious about those Geuvarian classmates I had 3 years ago. They are like having this CAT thing and they're experiencing cool stuffs like boating, rescuing, gun shooting and much more. *Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 
Oh well, what else can I do? I'm already here. Even though I miss their company so much, I must admit the reality. *Huwaaaaaaaah!! They're so cool, I can't help myself but feel really, truly, madly, deeply yearned.

I better stop this if I don't have anything good to say..don't cha think? hmmm


Hello Folks!

6:15 PM

It's been a while since I last wrote to you. Oh well, dealing with school and stuffs.
*Urghh. The examination made me all worn out and BV. Oh my God. Good thing it's already finished.


I've been doing good since the start of the month up to now. 
Although there comes the frustration and stress, I can still " Get through it ".
This was a line I read  in " My Year of Faith" 's post.
It's all about the ATTITUDE. 
No matter how bad or unlucky your day/life is, it's all about the attitude or how you deal or think and act to the situation.

Be Positive!!


Remember the post I've told about me reading a certain book?
I've finished it now. It's kinda more about his(the author) experience with whom he wrote the book to.
It's more like giving information, but partly fact. 

I guess the main point is:
" Never get too attached to someone you are never sure what he/she is planning concerning you."
And partly believing in God.

So there, it really didn't match my expectations but it did educate me; so I guess it's all worth it :)


So, this is it again for now! I hope for your visit again.
God bless


I was Glowing!

8:04 PM

Today I woke up feeling really good.
It must be because I had a nice sleep and dream.
After waking up, my usual hobby is to daydream; and I did exactly that.
I had been daydreaming about stuffs I want to happen, stuffs I hope to happen, and stuffs that had happened and often times I laugh about.


So I got out of the bed, went downstairs and saw my kitty playing with my little sister. I said good morning.
So, I went on to eat something; cococruch. And after that, I went on, going to the refrigerator to find something to cook for breakfast; yes, I am the one responsible for breakfasts every Saturday and Sunday.
So, after cooking the meal, we ate. After that we went on to watch TV marathon, and so on.
So I went back upstairs, opened the computer and do my researches and projects. *Urg!! It somehow made me frustrated but I caught on and did a pretty good job, until now.


At 2:30 p.m., I remembered that Ashley is going to come over to see the church I am going to; my religion(INC). So I texted her. I told her about some tips on what to wear. My religion is a conservative type, and so.
She arrived after an hour. I never really expected that she'd come 'cause I was worried that she changed her mind. And I was impressed about her dress. It was really cute and I wished I had that kind of dress,too. *Haha

So we went on, we talk about what to expect and what is expected. Laughs, loudness, silence, and excitement is roaming all over us. It seemed that we are the only persons in the church, though we respected when the minister and the emcee spoke in front. 

It was nice hearing Ashley's nice and heart filling feed backs; about my church, about the religion, and about the persons she met and my friend that I was talking about, about how we are so organized and pretty stuffs.
I became more proud about my religion then, and I started smiling more and feeling more optimistic.

When the service is over, we went to attend the Buwanang Pulong, or monthly meeting. We talked so much: Me, Ashley and Ella Mae. I even forgot that I am a shy, introvert type of person while with them and I just continued on talking and laughing. It really felt good!

Even after the meeting, we went home altogether, still talking about COOL STUFFS. *OHYEAH! WE ROCK!!

After me and Ashley got back to my house, we continued the chit-chat. 
She said that while I was talking the whole time with her and Ella, She thought that I Was Glowing.

Well, I guess I really did ^.^ Thanks to God He made things perfect, almost good to be true, but it is!

So, It's the month's end already, huh?  It a nice ending. I also hope for a good begining!



Another stormy day.

5:03 PM

The storm got my shoe and socks all wet as well as my uniform.
School was canceled after lunch today. It's because of the storm.
Howiee. It's still raining outside, good thing it does not affect the internet connection or else I'm going to die!
Oh well, what else can I do here at our home  but surf the net and do the research for T.L.E.(Currently listening to Our kind of love-lady antebellum)

Right now am currently reading a book entitled, "Take me for a ride" in my ebook reader on my cellphone.
It's more likely about soul-searching. About, soul-mates, inspiration, aspiration, making lotsa people happy, ultimate destination, Guru(God), negative forces, quest, karma, etc.
It's about Mark and his quest in life: to find a teacher, more like a *brujo*, to get away from his stressed and disturbed parent who, in his story, seemed that is always irritated by them.
He found his *brujo*. Which is in the person of  Atmananda(Dr. Lenz) and Chinmoy.
Am still in the process of reading his real life story, though sometimes I don't understand some lines, but I think I get it's main point.
It was interesting in my part. Cause I, somehow see myself in his stories; in the way that he introduces himself.
I like to greet people; though sometimes I get ignored. I like to experiment on what people say and try it in my own life. It's actually fun. 
But being doubtful is our problem. We may want to know some person, be friends with them,  the problem is that even though we get along with such persons we tend to still doubt them.
And that is, what I think, make me distant.


This is why I found this book interesting. I'm hoping to find solution in my problem of being "DISTANT" from  people. I am hoping that this might help on improving myself.
God is with us.


Finally, the 1st monthly examination is over! Time to relax

8:28 PM

Finally ! The 1st examination is over! Time to relax and have a long sleep tonight.
I'll have a long day tomorrow, gonna buy my essentials and do the rest of my homework.( Yes, homework already!) It's fine.

Hoowee.. It's only been a month since school started but I already feel the rush.
I feel the rush as a Senior preparin' for College. hoho
My mom is already telling me to do this, do that, be independent, you should learn this, learn that, always be ready! and teachin' me stuffs about college life, she even tells me scenarios in her own college years! 
It's been fun listening to her stories. It makes me feel excited and in the same time, nervous.

Oh, and yeah, am goin' to take the exam for UPCAT . T^T
Oh dear, I hope to pass. 
So, this is it for now. Toodles!


A Reputation Ruined

5:49 PM

 A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.
-Joseph Hall 


How hard could it be, to have a reputation been ruined?
To face the world wearing that crack, it almost seemed that it's read all over your face.
She said," I wished I could go back in time, change what I did and wished I never did it in the first place."
I almost cried, knowing about her sad story.
I wish I could do something to make her feel better.
But how could I? I just read about her story, never knowing who to give credit to.
It's so sad. It's heartbreaking.
The feeling of getting back her good reputation, It's almost her greed.
Who can blame her? It's what she's been wishing for. Loosing her reputation and all?!


I want to help. I wish I could do SOMETHING..

It's just because it's so sad...


Just finished doing the thesis intro ^.^

7:10 PM

I just finished typing the thesis introduction for our research subject.
Whew. It was a bit tiring but the feeling of relaxation after finishing something rewarding is fun^.^
Just sent it to my thesis partner for some editing and he'll do the printing.


Tomorrow there will be school again. Another week of studying. Oh, and the exams are only few days away!
Gosh, 4th year high school life is like : expect the unexpected and no matter what, always be prepared!
Well, it doesn't really sink in to me
I'm glad, that I'm coping up somehow.
Thanks to God, He is always there to help. And to my mom and family for always being there for me.


I hope to be fruitful starting now and forever.
Please help me God.



The teacher says: Suppose you already graduated college and write your job Application Letter!

8:21 PM

This assignment of ours is giving me a headache!
grr.... Well it's not really that hard. It's only that I don't have a slightest idea on how to make one!

Good thing there's the internet to help me besides my mom.
wew. So frustrating!


Ahh.. found a site which helped me alot! ^.^

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Hmm. The only problem I have now is how I'm going to imply my chosen course to the letter.

May God help me with this.
Always keep believing!


2 weeks of being a Senior High School Student

9:20 PM

This passed days I've been so busy concerning school stuffs.
Getting together with friends, welcoming a new student and home works! 

It's been fun going back to school. Well at least I'm enjoying my last year in High School.
Learning new stuffs, being active and all..

I'm so regretful I somehow waisted my past 3 years in High School.
If only I knew it wasn't that so hard to make a difference. If  only I knew it wasn't that scary. If only I knew I can make it, I could have done so.


Well, what's done is done. No sense dwelling.
Now I'm just really happy with the outcome of what I found fun to do.
I learned new stuffs, I now explore more, I take chances but sometimes at the wrong time(well at least I did my best), I communicate more this time!(I'm a really quiet type person) and I'm having fun!


When I grow up and have finished High School, College, and find a job, when I've helped my parent and siblings, when I become successful, Before I meet the love of my life, when we buy a home and have kids,
when everything is at it's right place. 

I wanna teach my kids and and their kids to be active. I'll let them explore and be adventurous, BUT in the right place and time. I want them to be sociable and not to be like me. I've taken so many things for granted and this time I wanted to be motivated.


I think what I have experienced in life is already enough for me to see things STILL as a kid but seeking the wisdom of the old. I'm the first child in the family after all. I should be the role model to my siblings first!


Of course, I have to study hard and fulfill my dreams.


I'm so thankful to God we are still living. Even though my family is experiencing financial problem right now, I don't see that as a hindrance in fulfilling my dreams. God is always helping us, He always answer our prayer


Yes, there are times when I hate myself, my life. There are times when I wanna give up.
But I still hold on, even though I wanna cry.
I still keep my faith. I still believe.


God always make a way ^.^


I'm Back! Still the old me :)

8:32 PM

It's almost the end of the lovely month of May ^.^
There's so many things that happened this month. Things that is not unusual but
worth to be remembered . :)

This month, I've celebrated my birthday. Actually it's my and my sister's birthday!
It was on May 7. It was a fun day.
Celebrating it with my family, having a nice day out, feeling the Love
and the urge to be mature as my age comes.
It wasn't only that. My special someone was with me all that time
and I felt so happy, so amazed, I was love-strucked!
It was a very blessed day ^.^
I'm now 14. And as I go through with my life,
I want to thank God, my mommy, my siblings, my family and relatives, my best friends and friends.
My life has been a very nice experience. And I hope to learn more as I go through life.


○Summarization of  my month of May:
• I fell in love
• I've celebrated my birthday
• I learned something new!
• I had a 1week vacation on my best friend's home
• I was broken-hearted
• I made a wrong choice but now I learned
• We've celebrated my little sister's birthday at our town festival!
• I'm tryna' break through
• I'm getting ready for my coming 4th year high school year.


Now I learned that you have to make things happen rather than imagine or wait for things to happen in your life!
Time is gold, life is precious. Don't take a person or thing or your feelings for granted.
Be real, be true. You have to find YOU or rather, you have to make YOU.
No one can do it for you, you have to take the step. It's your life.
Make the most with it.
Love.Be Happy.Give Thanks.Live your life to the fullest.


Hey! It's the end of the month already .

11:26 PM

It's the end of the month already!
Wow. Is it just me or, time is getting unbelievably fast?


So, i mean, really, it's already the end of the month "APRIL".
Which means......

8 days to go before my birthday!

How much more exciting could it be?


Hot summer. Sweet Swimming!

11:11 PM

Today, I woke up pretty earlier than anyone else,and earlier than I was supposed
to get up.
Maybe it was because I was reminded by myself that....


Wheeew. Living in a tropical country, like my beloved Philippines,
swimming is always a big option when it comes to summer.
The big, bright yellow sun, the warm summer breeze.
Oh, it's always nice having a day like this with my family .

When I see the running waters, I felt the excitement, I feel the rush!
I've never experience to have a bath in this kind of environment.
But it was fun connecting with nature,
with fresh waters, not the one you feel when you're inside a pool!

The water was over flowing. It seems that it is never ending,
so as it seems that it doesn't had a beginning.

I had so much fun since as I could remember.
But when did it really began?

I don't know.
But I'm sure it started with the persons I love the most.
My Family.
And of course, GOD!


Inspired by Nil's Musings' blog

2:47 PM

I've always been a ready person. I always like to read books, specifically interesting books,
or an article, or a story, and in blogs.


These passed months, when I started my blog, I'm very eager to find blogger and their blogs
with interesting story to tell. Those blogs that have the X-factor, or the Y-factor
or whatever you want to call them


I've seen pretty blogs, those blogs with pretty things to share.
Blogs that's with luxury, fame and pretty much an eye-candy.
These blogs have satisfied me. Making me see only what I want to see.
Making me feel like I want to have what she have! or I want to buy that one too!
Or I want to be someone like that or this.


But the more I look at those blogs, I feel something's wrong with me.
Something different and I hate it.
Something like there's an emptiness within me, like I'm trapped.


Somehow I felt bad. I want to find the answer to what I'm feeling.
I want to feel complete again, I want to be free.


So I've found this blog called, "Nil's Musing " a month ago.
I've found this blog with many interesting facts and stories to tell.
Not only made up stories but real ones.
He shares what he have by blog.
I can tell that his blog is not made to do anything fancy or anything cool,
it's just something true.
This blog helps poeple. It helps in a way that you can improve yourelf.
By reading his blog, you can find the real you.
You can learn and in the same way, have fun!


Well, I did. I had fun. I've found myself free again.
I believed I've  improved somehow, and I know people can tell.


You know it's up to you too.


Be an open minded person!


Getting in touch, AGAIN ^.^

7:44 PM

These passed days I've been in touched with my 1st year high school crush
and I guess it started when I messaged him at facebook .
It was with, "hey,you! how's your vacay?", "what's new with you?,
"what's goin' on with your life" and "how's your love life, WHO'S YOUR CRUSH? ^.^"

Friends always ask things like that. But this one, I'm not quite sure.
those questions above had been asked, and every time the conversation
lasted longer, it was getting deeper and deeper, I got pretty confused actually.


I've had the feeling of excitement, of joy, of  happiness.
A feeling of being confused, of craziness, of memories of  LOVE.


We started to text each other again, he called me, not twice,but trice.
Our memories of being classmates in 1st year HS had been talked about.
Our friends, our quarrels, our promises.


It was nice being in touch again with this person.

Is there something new going on?
Well, I can't tell, YET. ^.^


Feeling sick :(

8:11 PM

Backache!! Headache!! Paralysed body!!

Ohhh..  I feel so sick! :( feel the pain, It hurts so much!


Good thing many people care about me and they take care of me real good :)

I'm feeling the LOVE!



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