My Last High School field trip

7:20 PM

One of the most awaited activity in school is going on a Field trip!
Last September 23, Thursday, we had our field trip.
Our destination is Gardenia, Lights and Sounds, Amazing Show and MOA.
I didn't like most of what we went to see and the bus we we're ridding looked so cheap I couldn't help but lose interest in looking around.
Oh, going back. I didn't made a good first impression for the people in the bus. I was 1 of the late comers!! (>_<)
talking about embarrassing.
Before the bus took off, the tour guide lead a prayer and we altogether bowed down and said AMEN.
So after that the bus took off. The tour guide kept on entertaining us and speaking all the time. But I couldn't hear him even though he's using a mic cause I'm on the bottom part.
Did I forget to tell you that I get motion sickness ONLY in buses and uncomfortable cars? So there, after I ate some food and Marshmallow( my craving for almost everyday! thank God I had it at last), I felt so dizzy and then I suddenly threw up!
Good thing only Mika and Chum saw it.
So there, we are in Gardenia. I was so excited because I've already been there and I want to share my knowledge about it and see if anything changed, but trying not to let it show cause most people think it's a korny place.
So there, it did change, the video clip wasn't that long anymore compared from before. We weren't able to go inside where the breads were being processed, not like before. And they only gave Twiggies not their actual bread. But it did tasted good.

~ ~ ~ ~

And then the thrilling and funny part was in Lights and Sounds ( I'm already smiling XD )
I saw a really cute, classic looking bracelet at the venue. I really wanted to buy it but Ashley said there's more good looking bracelets in MOA so I didn't buy it, which I regretted so much cause I didn't see any like it in MOA and I felt a tiny, little, pain in my heart. :(
And so the proctor called us. At first I thought "Light and Sounds" was about technology and gadgets. But it's not!
When we went inside, we saw native Filipinos(statues, picture, etc.) and when the video started it was about Philippine history! 
Mika kept clinging on me cause she said she's afraid of the dark. And the place was so dark indeed unless it highlights something from where we are. It only lights up at one place when it is highlighting some statues or picture of events and people. We were dragged at different rooms with different scenes from the Philippine history, like when Magelan came and the Spaniards made us slaves and to Dr. Jose Rizal's death to the following Philippine independence up to present.
So back to the funny part: Mika was like " Nicole!!! It's so dark I'm so afraid!! *huhu. Ashley!!" and then the next thing I know I was screaming with her!! *haha. I heard Jaynes say,"Stay away from that three, they're crazy." Oh well, Jaynes has a big mouth so it's not a surprise and she was clinging to Angel also so that means she is scared,too. 
And then when we were walking, Mika keeps on going around me! She's like going into my left arm, and then the right, and then in the front and hugging me all the time! Jonas even said," You're a teddy bear now, huh." *Haha And everytime Mika does that, Ashley do it, too. When Mika goes clinging on my left arm, Ashley goes to the right and vice versa! It was kinda funny cause I am the youngest from the two and they were the ones who looked more scarred than me!

~ ~ ~ ~

And then back at the bus, the tour guide said we're gonna take our lunch at Blue Waves while waiting for our assigned time to go to the Amazing show. 
I brought my packed lunch with me but Mika and Ashley only brought sandwiches. Ashley asked me to go with her cause she's gonna buy her lunch and Mika's okay with her food and gonna stay at the bus. 
And then while on the Blue Waves, we went directly to Starbucks Coffee. 
I was so shy to go inside cause it will be my first going there! Then Ashley just dragged me inside and I smelled coffee. A rich flavored coffee. Ashley ordered a Mocha shake. I ordered Chocolate Chip Cookie.
It tasted nice indeed! But I'm not used to it yet so I gave what's left to Chum, and he seems to like it.

~ ~ ~ ~

While waiting on inside the bus to watch the Amazing Show, Mika kept on taking ghost-like pictures of me and the I cried. *huhu. I'm still a cry baby. Another embarrassing moment!! T.T
And the Ashley came and comforted me and saying, " If you don't stop crying, I'll cry, too." and then she really cried! Then said," I'm crying, first, because of the weather, second, it smells so bad in this bus.(It's because it's cheap!!) *huhuhu". *haha.
And then me and Mika made up.

~ ~ ~ ~

The show was good and the actors and actresses were really good (though most of them were gays).
I really like one actress there(which turned to be gay). I liked how good she/ he was on stage, not in person.
And then I was able to take a picture with her/him->(cause I don't know which in I should call that person (>.<) )
And then! We were able to get a picture with the pirnce in the show!! And Mika was so shy but Ashley seems to have "Chemistry" with him, he even hugged her and Mika was like calling him " Kuya " cause that's what she said we should call guys we don't seem to have "Chemistry" with. 

~ ~ ~ ~

MOA!!!!! We went to Accessorize, Hypermarket to buy some foods, Brownies, National bookstore, Toy Kingdom and Sbarro.
It was so much fun!! *haha
Mika and Ashley spotted a Korean dude which turned them on but suddenly turned them down when the girlfriend came along. Seeing their faces is urging me to laugh out loud! *haha
We were supposed to buy a memorandum as BFFs but we ran out of time so we just went on the bus and said we'll just gonna buy it some other time.
And then we were on our way home. :)
(Part two, second sleep over and photo shoot)


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