I was Glowing!

8:04 PM

Today I woke up feeling really good.
It must be because I had a nice sleep and dream.
After waking up, my usual hobby is to daydream; and I did exactly that.
I had been daydreaming about stuffs I want to happen, stuffs I hope to happen, and stuffs that had happened and often times I laugh about.


So I got out of the bed, went downstairs and saw my kitty playing with my little sister. I said good morning.
So, I went on to eat something; cococruch. And after that, I went on, going to the refrigerator to find something to cook for breakfast; yes, I am the one responsible for breakfasts every Saturday and Sunday.
So, after cooking the meal, we ate. After that we went on to watch TV marathon, and so on.
So I went back upstairs, opened the computer and do my researches and projects. *Urg!! It somehow made me frustrated but I caught on and did a pretty good job, until now.


At 2:30 p.m., I remembered that Ashley is going to come over to see the church I am going to; my religion(INC). So I texted her. I told her about some tips on what to wear. My religion is a conservative type, and so.
She arrived after an hour. I never really expected that she'd come 'cause I was worried that she changed her mind. And I was impressed about her dress. It was really cute and I wished I had that kind of dress,too. *Haha

So we went on, we talk about what to expect and what is expected. Laughs, loudness, silence, and excitement is roaming all over us. It seemed that we are the only persons in the church, though we respected when the minister and the emcee spoke in front. 

It was nice hearing Ashley's nice and heart filling feed backs; about my church, about the religion, and about the persons she met and my friend that I was talking about, about how we are so organized and pretty stuffs.
I became more proud about my religion then, and I started smiling more and feeling more optimistic.

When the service is over, we went to attend the Buwanang Pulong, or monthly meeting. We talked so much: Me, Ashley and Ella Mae. I even forgot that I am a shy, introvert type of person while with them and I just continued on talking and laughing. It really felt good!

Even after the meeting, we went home altogether, still talking about COOL STUFFS. *OHYEAH! WE ROCK!!

After me and Ashley got back to my house, we continued the chit-chat. 
She said that while I was talking the whole time with her and Ella, She thought that I Was Glowing.

Well, I guess I really did ^.^ Thanks to God He made things perfect, almost good to be true, but it is!

So, It's the month's end already, huh?  It a nice ending. I also hope for a good begining!



Another stormy day.

5:03 PM

The storm got my shoe and socks all wet as well as my uniform.
School was canceled after lunch today. It's because of the storm.
Howiee. It's still raining outside, good thing it does not affect the internet connection or else I'm going to die!
Oh well, what else can I do here at our home  but surf the net and do the research for T.L.E.(Currently listening to Our kind of love-lady antebellum)

Right now am currently reading a book entitled, "Take me for a ride" in my ebook reader on my cellphone.
It's more likely about soul-searching. About, soul-mates, inspiration, aspiration, making lotsa people happy, ultimate destination, Guru(God), negative forces, quest, karma, etc.
It's about Mark and his quest in life: to find a teacher, more like a *brujo*, to get away from his stressed and disturbed parent who, in his story, seemed that is always irritated by them.
He found his *brujo*. Which is in the person of  Atmananda(Dr. Lenz) and Chinmoy.
Am still in the process of reading his real life story, though sometimes I don't understand some lines, but I think I get it's main point.
It was interesting in my part. Cause I, somehow see myself in his stories; in the way that he introduces himself.
I like to greet people; though sometimes I get ignored. I like to experiment on what people say and try it in my own life. It's actually fun. 
But being doubtful is our problem. We may want to know some person, be friends with them,  the problem is that even though we get along with such persons we tend to still doubt them.
And that is, what I think, make me distant.


This is why I found this book interesting. I'm hoping to find solution in my problem of being "DISTANT" from  people. I am hoping that this might help on improving myself.
God is with us.


Finally, the 1st monthly examination is over! Time to relax

8:28 PM

Finally ! The 1st examination is over! Time to relax and have a long sleep tonight.
I'll have a long day tomorrow, gonna buy my essentials and do the rest of my homework.( Yes, homework already!) It's fine.

Hoowee.. It's only been a month since school started but I already feel the rush.
I feel the rush as a Senior preparin' for College. hoho
My mom is already telling me to do this, do that, be independent, you should learn this, learn that, always be ready! and teachin' me stuffs about college life, she even tells me scenarios in her own college years! 
It's been fun listening to her stories. It makes me feel excited and in the same time, nervous.

Oh, and yeah, am goin' to take the exam for UPCAT . T^T
Oh dear, I hope to pass. 
So, this is it for now. Toodles!


A Reputation Ruined

5:49 PM

 A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.
-Joseph Hall 


How hard could it be, to have a reputation been ruined?
To face the world wearing that crack, it almost seemed that it's read all over your face.
She said," I wished I could go back in time, change what I did and wished I never did it in the first place."
I almost cried, knowing about her sad story.
I wish I could do something to make her feel better.
But how could I? I just read about her story, never knowing who to give credit to.
It's so sad. It's heartbreaking.
The feeling of getting back her good reputation, It's almost her greed.
Who can blame her? It's what she's been wishing for. Loosing her reputation and all?!


I want to help. I wish I could do SOMETHING..

It's just because it's so sad...


Just finished doing the thesis intro ^.^

7:10 PM

I just finished typing the thesis introduction for our research subject.
Whew. It was a bit tiring but the feeling of relaxation after finishing something rewarding is fun^.^
Just sent it to my thesis partner for some editing and he'll do the printing.


Tomorrow there will be school again. Another week of studying. Oh, and the exams are only few days away!
Gosh, 4th year high school life is like : expect the unexpected and no matter what, always be prepared!
Well, it doesn't really sink in to me
I'm glad, that I'm coping up somehow.
Thanks to God, He is always there to help. And to my mom and family for always being there for me.


I hope to be fruitful starting now and forever.
Please help me God.




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