The teacher says: Suppose you already graduated college and write your job Application Letter!

8:21 PM

This assignment of ours is giving me a headache!
grr.... Well it's not really that hard. It's only that I don't have a slightest idea on how to make one!

Good thing there's the internet to help me besides my mom.
wew. So frustrating!


Ahh.. found a site which helped me alot! ^.^

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Hmm. The only problem I have now is how I'm going to imply my chosen course to the letter.

May God help me with this.
Always keep believing!


2 weeks of being a Senior High School Student

9:20 PM

This passed days I've been so busy concerning school stuffs.
Getting together with friends, welcoming a new student and home works! 

It's been fun going back to school. Well at least I'm enjoying my last year in High School.
Learning new stuffs, being active and all..

I'm so regretful I somehow waisted my past 3 years in High School.
If only I knew it wasn't that so hard to make a difference. If  only I knew it wasn't that scary. If only I knew I can make it, I could have done so.


Well, what's done is done. No sense dwelling.
Now I'm just really happy with the outcome of what I found fun to do.
I learned new stuffs, I now explore more, I take chances but sometimes at the wrong time(well at least I did my best), I communicate more this time!(I'm a really quiet type person) and I'm having fun!


When I grow up and have finished High School, College, and find a job, when I've helped my parent and siblings, when I become successful, Before I meet the love of my life, when we buy a home and have kids,
when everything is at it's right place. 

I wanna teach my kids and and their kids to be active. I'll let them explore and be adventurous, BUT in the right place and time. I want them to be sociable and not to be like me. I've taken so many things for granted and this time I wanted to be motivated.


I think what I have experienced in life is already enough for me to see things STILL as a kid but seeking the wisdom of the old. I'm the first child in the family after all. I should be the role model to my siblings first!


Of course, I have to study hard and fulfill my dreams.


I'm so thankful to God we are still living. Even though my family is experiencing financial problem right now, I don't see that as a hindrance in fulfilling my dreams. God is always helping us, He always answer our prayer


Yes, there are times when I hate myself, my life. There are times when I wanna give up.
But I still hold on, even though I wanna cry.
I still keep my faith. I still believe.


God always make a way ^.^



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