Shingeki No Kyojin

12:15 AM

[!!!] Highly unrecommended for easily nauseous people about gore, blood, etc. 

Shingeki No Kyojin

I love goth and gore! But ever since I was born, I have never been able to watch any anime with that genre then one of my otaku friends suggested I watch Shingeki No Kyojin and I'm glad I did!

It's basically about humans being livestock to Titans. At first the humans were pretty easy going as they felt protected by the three layers, namely: Maria, Rose, and Sina, as their barrier from the Titans. But as a century passed, Titans were finally able to break through the barrier. They actually vary in size. Some titans are like 20 feet tall while others are gigantic, you can't help but feel overwhelmed, adding to that they have weird smiling, joker, cannibal faces. But all I could say is that they're not good fashion role models. They basically don't wear anything so be ware. (You might want to suggest they wear at least an underwear when you meet one but judging on the real world, that's 99.001% chance).

The main character of this anime is Eren, alonsgide with Mikasa and Armin, they went on training to kill Titans in the hopes of overcoming them. With Eren's undying will to have revenge on the Titans, we're sure the anime will give us a lot of bloodshed.


Kitty Vid!!

9:16 PM

Another Kawaii Kitty Video!! Haha
I'm addicted!!


Tamako Market

5:53 PM

One of my Otaku friend suggested this anime to me and it's so frigging kawaii!!!
Well, the story revolves around Tama-chan, a daughter of a Mochi maker. The anime is mostly kind of narrated by this diva, royal bird from the south named Dera. :)

The summary kind of goes like this:

That's pretty how it goes BUT!!! It's one of the cutest anime ever!! It just makes you wonder how things would flow in the anime. && Kanna-chan is sooooo Kawaii!! She's addicted to angles, and measurements and her ambition is to become an architect. Hehe

Going back to the topic, Tamako-chan is a daughter of a mochi maker(which you already know) and she really really love Mochi!
She's even the Apple of the eye in their market called Bunny Mountain. She just loves helping everyone in their place that's why lots of people loves Tamako-chan.

I haven't finished watching it but I'm already in Episode 9 :3 
Oh and, Naoko Yamada is the director of Tamako Market who is also the director of K-On! and K-On!! 


OMG!! Thank you guys!!

4:49 PM

Thank you guys for giving me a plus in Google Plus!! Haha I know I only got I for each posts, but still, thank you!!


Who's that fangirl?

4:41 PM

Yep. Been pretty busy with my fangirling fever. Haha
I'm so sorry for not updating you soon because I've been taking care of stuffs for school and my organization.
Whew. I have to make a letter asking for the budget for the transportation of school newspaper and magazine to different University around ma College. Then I have to go shopping for school supplies as I'm going to start my First Sem as Second Year student next week. Oh and Uhm, I got Flu =_= huhu
I think I've been working and working and no rest! But I'm feeling much better now that I saw my idols and been able to download their photos, albums, and videos!! ;3

Here's some sneak peeks:

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I Don't own anything]


Aren't they just adorable? kkkkkk~
My biases: Injoon, Sunggyu, Zeo, SUho, and Xiumin
Kyaaa~~~~ I sarang them!!! haha Ü



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