My second sleepover and photo shoot!!

7:37 PM

After the field trip I went straight to Ashley's house for the sleep over.
I met, again, her family. Greeted her grandparents and had a little conversation with them.
Me and Cathy got to know each other and I figured out that her life was pretty interesting(opposing to mine =/ well I guess mine will improve, sooner or later. *hehe )
I found out that she likes someone(though she tries to convince me that she don't) that continuously teasing with her and in fact, having a lot of fun stuff going around with them.
I also found out that she has annoying-but-caring friends surrounding her.
She is, also, a good student, and that's a plus!
What I envy about this girl(though we are the same age), is that everything seems to get along with her.
She can pull out almost everything with her life.
She can react the right way to the corresponding situation.
And, she is a friend to a lot of guys and she can get along with them well.
Believe me, she is also pretty much good at observing. Pretty dangerous, huh? *haha

So, after the chit chat wit Cathy, I and Ashley went to bed and talked about everything that happened earlier.
The trip was fun, the people are fine, but the bus was so cheap, the places we went to was so boring excluding the mall, the curtain beside me kept falling on me and the person sitting at the back of my seat kept on cursing and saying bad words. Things could never be worse than this, but then again, never had I expected to cry on my last field trip, on that place, on that prank.
*Haixt. 12:00 a.m.


It was around 9 when me and Ashley got up, still felling tired and I can't quite control my gestures. I felt like there's wind pulling and pushing me around. But I guess it's only the pull of gravity. *hehe
I forgot that at 8, we have to go pick up Mika. Good thing she was considerate and still waited for my response.
We went to her house, but we said to her that we wouldn't anymore. But that was just a joke cause we want to surprise her. And then she was!! *haha. It was so funny cause she really thought that we wouldn't pick her up.


At around 5 or 6 p.m., we shopped at Ashley's closet to see if we can wear anything nice for the photo shoot.
I got to wear this cute, silky-like, baby pink long sleeves with matching baby blue hat. And the second one was stripped red, white and some black, sweater-like long sleeves which I liked a lot.

Ashley was first to take the pictures. She's really good at posing as if it is the right career for her. As for me, I can't find any pose!! As in, I was blank. I don't know what to do and if Ashley didn't help me with the pose, maybe I'll have ID like photo's. *haha

Anyway, I did good with the second cloth that wore. Maybe it is also with the fact that I liked it very much and I was pretty much comfortable with it.
And so, it was a success!
( Third part: Sour revelation and sweet comforting)


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