8:12 PM

I'm feeling totally blank today =/
I try to smile, I try to understand, I try not to care too much but I still feel a little bit of emptiness.

I participated in an essay competition at school today. The worse part is I can't think of anything interesting to write at that moment so I guess I failed . :((

Another one: I scored low in the English exam. Darn! I should have learned about the past/present participle >.<
And! __ Mentioned someone called "poeba" which I'm not aware of whoever IT is. Yeah IT!! I hate making conclusions or guessing about who's who. I mean with the persons I'm close or I like the most..>.< I'm Annoyed!! Who's "Poeba"?? What does it have to do with me? especially with __ ??
*sighs I'm all stressed out. I can't think cleverly right now.

I wanna learn how to use and shoot guns!!! I'm envious about those Geuvarian classmates I had 3 years ago. They are like having this CAT thing and they're experiencing cool stuffs like boating, rescuing, gun shooting and much more. *Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 
Oh well, what else can I do? I'm already here. Even though I miss their company so much, I must admit the reality. *Huwaaaaaaaah!! They're so cool, I can't help myself but feel really, truly, madly, deeply yearned.

I better stop this if I don't have anything good to say..don't cha think? hmmm


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