Hello Folks!

6:15 PM

It's been a while since I last wrote to you. Oh well, dealing with school and stuffs.
*Urghh. The examination made me all worn out and BV. Oh my God. Good thing it's already finished.


I've been doing good since the start of the month up to now. 
Although there comes the frustration and stress, I can still " Get through it ".
This was a line I read  in " My Year of Faith" 's post.
It's all about the ATTITUDE. 
No matter how bad or unlucky your day/life is, it's all about the attitude or how you deal or think and act to the situation.

Be Positive!!


Remember the post I've told about me reading a certain book?
I've finished it now. It's kinda more about his(the author) experience with whom he wrote the book to.
It's more like giving information, but partly fact. 

I guess the main point is:
" Never get too attached to someone you are never sure what he/she is planning concerning you."
And partly believing in God.

So there, it really didn't match my expectations but it did educate me; so I guess it's all worth it :)


So, this is it again for now! I hope for your visit again.
God bless


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