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2:47 PM

I've always been a ready person. I always like to read books, specifically interesting books,
or an article, or a story, and in blogs.


These passed months, when I started my blog, I'm very eager to find blogger and their blogs
with interesting story to tell. Those blogs that have the X-factor, or the Y-factor
or whatever you want to call them


I've seen pretty blogs, those blogs with pretty things to share.
Blogs that's with luxury, fame and pretty much an eye-candy.
These blogs have satisfied me. Making me see only what I want to see.
Making me feel like I want to have what she have! or I want to buy that one too!
Or I want to be someone like that or this.


But the more I look at those blogs, I feel something's wrong with me.
Something different and I hate it.
Something like there's an emptiness within me, like I'm trapped.


Somehow I felt bad. I want to find the answer to what I'm feeling.
I want to feel complete again, I want to be free.


So I've found this blog called, "Nil's Musing " a month ago.
I've found this blog with many interesting facts and stories to tell.
Not only made up stories but real ones.
He shares what he have by blog.
I can tell that his blog is not made to do anything fancy or anything cool,
it's just something true.
This blog helps poeple. It helps in a way that you can improve yourelf.
By reading his blog, you can find the real you.
You can learn and in the same way, have fun!


Well, I did. I had fun. I've found myself free again.
I believed I've  improved somehow, and I know people can tell.


You know it's up to you too.


Be an open minded person!


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  1. That is a wonderful shoutout Saber. I am happy and grateful to have made some changes in your life. Take care and be well.



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