A day with Ashley: good time!♥

7:04 PM

Today, as I woke up, I immediately thought about my outing with Ashley
and I even forgot about mon le petit de`jeuner!(my breakfast)


So, as I recall it. I've been very annoying this morning
that I kept calling Ashley's cellphone to remind her about our outing..hahah
So at 10:30 am, I took a bath, wore my clothes and do my hair and face :) tada!
I love it!


Our first meeting was @ Unitop and I was first to be there.
So as I was waiting for Ashley, I looked at the clothes section and find if anything
would please my picky ego; and if ever, gonna buy something.
So I saw this cute, dark cardigan, which I thought I would buy, when Ashley came with her dad,
looking like barbie in her pink color coded tank top and sandals. And I absolutely love her
strawberry shortcake handbag!= Adorable!


We shopped, fed our fantasies with the good looking clothes,
and easily found what we wanted for ourselves:
Ashley got this cute, kinda summer-looking laced maroon t-shirt.
and in the end, I didn't get to buy the cardigan cause I don't think I can pair it with any
of my clothes. So instead, I bought  two wallpapers for my mood board :)


So the next stop was a take out from Greenwich and then we took a jeepny ride to
Sun Star Mall!yay!

So the first thing we did there was to eat our take outs
and after that we went to Pandayan Bookshop to buy myself a book
so that I wouldn't always be in front of the t.v. or the computer; and buy my gift for
Ashley for her 15 birthday @ April 16!
My gift to her was a huggable teddy bear which she picked herself.
And me, instead of buying a readable book, I bought, "The Word Finder".
which I found very unusual of myself cause I'm not quite interested at puzzles before.
So, It's a change :)♥


And then, I got a chance to play the drums at WOF which is my fave game.
Ashley didn't try cause she's too shy. And it makes her remember something from the past.
And before going home, my mom bought us ice cream as a treat.
So yummy!♥


Embarrassing moment of the day?
I almost lost TWO THINGS!
OH, good thing I still found both of them before someone else does!

Favorite moment:
When I got to eat the Caramel Biscotti which I bought for myself as a treat @ Max's

♫Today was FUN. :)


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