Rain, rain, go away

11:00 PM

It has been a pretty bad week here in the Philippines in weather view but I've been pretty busy and happy myself. 

We didn't have class since Monday and I just heard from my friends that our school's OSA sent messages that said there will be no classes tomorrow, still. Meaning to say there will be more time for me to slack off. 8D But then my other friend said that there will be a lot of make up classes so I better prepare myself to that. *sighs* Maybe good things never do last, huh? Oh well..

I'm loving fanfictions right now!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~
Fanfics just made my days!! Well, actually I wasn't a big fan of it at first because most of what I read had so many grammatical and weak plot and everything in it. But it changed when one of my friend sent me fanfics of BeakYeol & KaiSoo(OMFG!! I'm totally shipping KaiSoo OTP OTP!!).

The first one is Absolute Chanyeol.
Oh my God! Oh my God!! I don't care if Chanyeol (in the story) is an imperfect robot, but for me( and of course, for Baekhyun, too) he's freakin' damn the sweetest creation ever!! Beware, Tears all over the place.

Second one, Anterograde Tomorrow
Screw life, screw memory, screw death. Tears. Tears. Tears. This is definitely the saddest and exceptional fic ever. TT_TT I mean seriously changdictator is the best, really. So tragic, very deep, one of a kind. Uh! Just.. Please read.. you'll understand. Just as a reminder, Baekhyun is still alive and breathing.... and loving Chanyurl... Srsly. 

Third and last, Together Again
Fluff KaiSoo!! It's soooo cute!! Read it!! It instantly became my inspiration the moment I read it. Jjang!! 


That's it for now, Chingu!! I'll share some more fanfics once I finish them. Don't want to give you fics that I don't approve of. Haha And if ever you read this and have an awesome fanfic to share, may it be fluff, tragic, romance, smut, it doesn't matter as long as it has a VERY GOOD STORY LINE. Please suggest it to me. You can write your suggestion/s in the comment box at the left side of the screen. Kamsahamnida!!!

Don't forget to pray for us!! Keep safe, everyone. :)


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