The Boss releases "Why Goodbye" MV

2:53 PM

"This message is to you. I know you still love me too baby."
"From the heaven to the cruel edge of the hell, don't leave me here lost."

DaeGukNamAh finally released a Korean MV after promoting in Japan for 2 years!
 I'm so happy they're finally totally back! DaeGukNamAh is also the whole reason I'm into kpop right now and this is just really heart-warming seeing them finally perform and release a korean mv TT u TT I'm proud to say Master is still my Ultimate Fandom and I have no intention to leave it. Let's all just support them. Let the whole world know and hear them. Hwaiting ~ Yonghwoni Saranghaeyo, THE BOSS! 

The Boss/DGNA - Why Goodbye

I especially loved Mika(Suhoon)'s voice. :3 He's always very emotional and he can clearly display deep emotions easily.

Karam is still Karam. Lol. There's just really something about him that's kinda silly and cute at the same time. Still perfectly flawless.

Jay! Oh my gee. From the mickey mouse boy that we all loved came to be a gorgeous hot man. As my best friend always say, "Hormones has done good to him." It's just sad though - he has so little exposure in the mv.

Hyunmin is the total epitome of an absolute man dime. Say Whaaat? Haha. Admit it, his handsome face is like the only one screaming, "I'm a hot MAN." Adding to that, he has that golden husky voice which only few man in this world has.

Injoon ♥ Oh my gee you perfectly perfect boy! He totally owned the mv. I mean, his face is all over the mv. He had really many exposure. Well, what can I complain, he really is charming and cute. His body language is just perfect (Lol. The reason why I am Injoon biased) and I don't know what but maybe he's the favorite of the mv director? No. Just kidding. As I have said, he really is charming and cute which is sometimes overshadowing. 

This mv is great, really. The whole concept of it might be misinterpreted at first but the description of LEON in their official Youtube account reads, " The black and white music video shows five different attractions of The Boss' five members who came back displaying of masculineness."


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