First Day of Summer Vacation!! ♥

8:48 PM

Hello again, blogspot people!
Today was the first day of our summer vacation.
Oh yeah, I've already graduated High School! Yay me!!
I will sure do miss my High School years, my best high school buds, my friends, 
my teacher and my classmates.
Our Graduation Day was held last March 30, 2012(Yesterday) at the Cultural Center of Laguna.
It was a moment of thinking about how the past 4 years had been to me, to us, the moment of realizing how we have grown up, the happy moments, the sad ones, the realization of leaving the world you have grown into and then moving on into a new one: College.


I'm ever so grateful to the people that have keep up with me throughout this passing moment, especially to my mom. She is the one that paved the way for my successes. The one who truly cared and still does. The one who never left me behind. The one who truly loves me no matter how naughty I become.
To my classmates, teachers, acquaintances, friends, best buds, relatives, my two sweet little sisters, to my mom, and to our loving God, I thank you a lot. I'll never forget the things that you have done to me, for helping me become what I am now, for helping me find myself. Thank you!


Is it like a Cliché from my old post First day of Summer:with love? haha! Wow. It has been a very long time since we had our summer vacation last year. It was just like yesterday. Still fresh in my mind ^_^


My oh my! Not long enough I'll be applying for the University I chose then soon enough I'll be a College freshman. AHHH!!! 
Oh yeah, before I jump into things, let's first talk about my Summer plans:
•Arrange my clothes( cause if you'll see my cabinets, you'll think a storm had just past through it)
• Segregate papers that are not needed
•work out
•Uplift my knowledge and skills:
writing, drawing, painting, photography, etc.

Well, that's as far as I can remember from the list I have made. Hehe
Please help me, God ,to finish it.

Have a happy summer y'all!!


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