Journey to Olongapo

2:14 PM

Peanuts! The past 2 weeks after graduation has been a blast! We went to Olongapo to witness the wonderful things nature has to offer, or at least that’s the major part of it. :)
 ○ Went to the Beach. My first ever experience at a beach!

 ○ Went to Zoobic Safari. Close encounter with the BIGCATS. Love the sleeping tiger with its feet up. :))
 ○ Went swimmin’ at a resort. (yah, you can imagine how dark my completion is now!)
 ○ Went inside Logos Hope an bought books. It’s spelled A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!

 ○ Had a picnic at Boardwalk before going home. 
Yep.. No more Fair skin for me!! haha. But you know what? I don't mind having tan skin now. I don't know why! Well, it can always turn back to fair. It just doesn't bother me and you know what I think? It's amazing to have some changes once in a while. :)
Have you ever gotten to an S & R Food Service? Gawd this was the Shrimp and Garlic Pizza. Queer! But I love it! :3 It taste really good. Swear!

Might as well read one of  the book while at the bus goin' home while listening to music. It has been an awesome journey.


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