First Day of Summer!:with LOVE

7:41 PM

"On that Saturday morning,
I went out of bed, feeling the never ending conclusion,
of what mystery life want to bring me.
I'm so excited, I feel so flabbergasted!
This must be another extraordinary day.
So I went outside
Wanting to see the bright, yellow sun
the fresh, warm morning breeze,
I'm glad it was there to greet me.
I heard the birds' chirping, they're flying
the vehicles brooming
finding their destination for the day.
I hope I would find mine, too.
Now I remember,
this was the first day of Summer!"
•That Saturday morning•

That was a poem I made this morning.hahahah♥
First day of summer means first day of freedom from studies!!hahah
But I don't hate studying though, I'm just glad I can take a long rest from school.
First I was wondering what I will do today, then I saw my unorganized room,
*buff* it's time to clean up!
It was fun cleaning up for the first day of summer cause I can start fresh!
My mom and sis help in cleaning up.
My two sisters helped in cleaning up by organizing their toys.
They're so generous even in young age,
cause  they separate toys that they don't need and give it to more unfortunate people.

I'm so blessed having a this kind of family. Even though we lack one member, I still feel complete.
I have a very funny, considerate, cool mom. And a very "makulit" sisters..
I think this is also because we are a christian family.
Even though we don't have a daddy, my mom do her best to support us.
They're always so supportive about our dreams.
I'm very happy for having my family :)

Talking about which I'm still thinking about what my plans will be this summer cause I don't want this to go to waste!
Well, 1 thing is for sure...
I'll be having a 1 week vacation in my bhest Chiesa's house in May 9!
I'll be staying there for 1 week after my birth-day and I'm so excited.
But a part of me is still in doubt cause I'll be in a new environment for 1 week, I'll be meeting new people that, maybe I haven't met before.
 But I'm in the state of "finding my self" so I think it'll be okay..
I'm gonna try being independent starting now on..


I'm running out of words to say so,
Bye for now!



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