Stop Bullying!:Crista, an american girl

7:26 PM

This morning I woke up very late.
It was around 10-11 in the morning so I hadn't have breakfast, but lunch.
Anyway, about my post title...


So me and my family just finished lunch and I was busy surfing the net
when my mom opened the t.v. and changed the channel to HBO
and this movie was airing.


It was about a girl being bullied for being true to herself.
Wanna know the truth about bullying?

Bullying are done by people who are insecure about themselves;
who cannot accept who they really are and they include other people
in their misery and own insecurities.

They bully other people to make theirselves feel better and supperior
to the person they are bullying.

But know what?
If you are bullied by these people, ignore them, let them do what they want.
But NEVER let them control you.
for example in school: if you are bullied in school, never skip class or pass a day not going in school.
Because that means you lose and they win.

It's like " going in straight to the spider's web "


I know this is hard to follow. Because I, too, was bullied.
I know the feeling of being bullied and feeling that no people cares about you.
But the truth is: many people care about you,your family, your true friends.
You just have to open up, tell the truth and you'll never feel guilt again..


Be strong. If needed, fight back "in a good way".
Don't be afraid to let your true self shine like the bright sun!
Be true, be you!

Kana Nishino-Best friend: One of my favorites :D


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