Last day of being a Junior High School Student...

2:57 PM

♥Today I woke up knowing this will be the last day I'll be in Junior HS.
As usual I started my day by arranging my stuffs that I will be needing for school.
I ate sopas for my breakfast. mm mm..
then  took a shower and put on my clothes.

Not long after, the service picked us up.

I went outside feeling fresh, knowing it will be rainy for the sky was cloudy.
Now at school. I've meet and greet the people that's been part of my Junior life.
It's kinda awkward cause I'm the first girl in my class.
The bell rang, the sound of an irritating buzz, probably it's time for flag ceremony.
Standing there, all alone, the only girl in the line..
Been alert for classmates might be coming and maybe I'll find company..
To my disappointment, no girl classmate came :(
sooner I felt okay after seeing Jaynes, knowing I'm not the only girl in the class..
and then Ashley came.yehey!! :D
We watched a part of the UC chef competition. The participants were the graduating class.
I was interested to watch it
 but the longer it took, the more it became boring. x_x
My Tummy's aching,it's rumbling! We need to get something to eat
or else my hungry tummy might curse me!
I'm so delighted to buy something exciting
But it only got worse
So i bought this drink, never gonna say its name for the brands' sake!
I drank it to please my thirsty tongue, but it's taste. . .
 I'm never gonna like its taste! nor will I ever gonna  buy it again.
I felt like vomiting after drinking it.
Ashley felt the same, too..
Such a waste of money.. :(
And then we went window shopping at Unitop
a shop where all things cheap are advertised.
we saw interesting clothes, interesting bags, interesting stuffed toys,
and anything interesting for a girls eye.
surely we'll gonna go back there for more!♥
And then we went at my house to eat my yummy lunch!
i just love Scotty's voice!
we went surfing the net and I've helped Ashley make her own blog! "Rosey Chic"

It has been a fine day :)



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