2 weeks of being Sixteen♥

11:07 PM

"And she was no beauty queen
She was in love at just sixteen
But her head was filled with things that could've been
And she was just sixteen

I know. I’m sorry it took me quite a long while before updating my blog but now I’m back! Missed me? Really, you did? Glad to know.
Haha truth be told I’m just glad you spared time just to read my posts about my life and all the trouble, adventure, and boringness that comes with it. Hey, not every single moment in one’s life need be a climax. That’s awfully troublesome and annoying because perfect does not exist. Well, maybe only almost perfect? Like my idol, Zooey Deschanel? Yah. I guess so.
How has my first 2 weeks of being sixteen year old? To tell you the truth, nothing productive, more or less. Nothing but movie and drama marathon, food, and sleep. I didn’t even bother going online to watch anime and videos. It has been dreary. I couldn’t think or act productively over my first 2 week as a sixteen year old teenage hippie girl.
Well, most of my day is spent on talking to people with kpop interests, or sometimes I read a book. One particular person I talk to is Jazz. A girl around eighteen, an Inspirit, and a dark chocolate lover like me. Queer right? Well, she calls me ’Halmeoni’, that’s how you call a grandma in Korean, even though I’m just sixteen, not married, and don’t have any kids yet, it’s just because my bias is Sunggyu and he is nicknamed grandpa. I don’t mind… Really. When we chat, it goes on for hours and I kind of enjoy her company. I admire how she has this kind of composure over things. How she can balance out reality and fangirling. How she takes time to serve God and really love Him, no pretense. I, myself, sometimes get annoyed with church responsibilities and such and I am so not proud of that. Well, I’m learning from Jazz, and I’m just glad I get to know her. Haven’t talked to her for a while now, like a few days? Yeah, I get too attached and I know that’s a big setback. Oh well, it’s not always you meet someone like her.
I’ve been pretty much busy with fangirling I forgot myself. Good thing I got a tip from a magazine I read in the salon last Saturday. It made me snap out from all these obsession over Kgroups. I’ve now set boundaries. I think it just saved me from a world of pain and I’m ever so grateful to that. At least before the new Semester start and take up all my free time, it’ll give me opportunity to be in my world again. In the real one.


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