Days of Love Parade ㅇㅅㅇ

11:17 PM

Dew drops from the leaf. I can feel the cold morning breeze. It touched my skin faintly. I love the feeling it gave me early in the morning.

I woke up pretty early today by dragging myself out of my precious bed. The night before, I went to bed early which made me kind of angry, I'd rather sleep late. So I went outside wanting to feel a cold summer morning. 

It is nice being out early in the morning. You can breathe fresh air, hear the birds' twit, and reflect deeply.
For this morning I exercised(I gained so much fat and it shows like bread puffs.ugh). I felt really happy because no other living things linger around(except, of course, some ants, bugs, cats, etc.)

Okay, I really don't want to talk about how my day went because I want to talk about my first few days of May because everything was just love.

May 1.
I was really sad at the beginning of the day because I thought it'd just be another unproductive day. I still tried to be hopeful. Then Mika sent me a text message inviting me and Ashley for a sleepover. I hurriedly asked my mom if I can and she said yes^^ This time I asked for pocket money in advance :)) I came to her house around 4pm and saw her drawing. It was really cool and realistic. I remembered once I went to the mall and saw something like it, my friend and I asked how much a realistic drawing cost and it was already a thousand for a medium sized drawing. I mean, real talent. Wow
We updated each other(though there's not much in my part). We watched some videos of Exo, cg, and talked about cosplay. We ate a very yummy crab for dinner :3

May 2.
Ashley and Cathy came over. Mika and Cathy cooked spaghetti with kimchi while me and Ashley browsed through a magazine. We had a mini late celebration of Mika's 17th bday. We sang Happy birth-day and it's Korean version. It was so fun! We ate the spaghetti and cake while watching DGNA live performances and some videos of TVXQ. Everything was awesome :3

May 4.
Was now in Ashley & Cathy's house. We talked about our dream scenarios with our Infinite biases. Everything was so funny, cute, and romantic. How I wish it'd come true. XD Though that might be wishful thinking for a fan like me, but hey, nothing's impossible!!
Then afterwards they went to my house. We filmed a video for Ash and Cath's parody cover of besweet-can't stop it(or a song title similar to that). It was funny 'cause the one in the original mv was sweet and cute while their cover is hilarious. haha I had fun taping them. Then we watched some kpop mv and exchanged files. I finally got our photoshoot snaps. haha 
It was kinda embarrassing 'cause it was really hot. I think they weren't able to sleep well.
The next day, there was totally nothing to do. We just went to see farm. It was soooo hot the sun's striking at my skin again. Thank goodness there was a tree casting a fair amount of shadow. We were able to rest and dance to a few songs. 
After we ate lunch, they watched a movie while I slept then practiced some moves from Miss A's Independent Women. The choreo was hard I got tired really fast. Then they were off to go home.

May 5&6 went in a daze. I was kinda robotic. Doing the same thing. Though I don't mind. I had fun the past few days. And finally I can do whatever I want. Kkkk~

Whew. A few more minutes before 12am, huh? All I want to do tomorrow is just sleep. Sighs. I wish I could bake. My night with Mika just gave me an eye-opener for the thing I really want. I just really wanted to bake. That's what's making me feel empty and grumpy all this time. I wasn't able to do what I really want. I told my mom about baking. She said she has always been supportive, just give her some more time. I understand.


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