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"And she was no beauty queen
She was in love at just sixteen
with an older boy who hardly knew her name
She would think of him and say
You will be mine someday
But her head was filled with things that could've been
And she was just sixteen."

May 7. It's my day. Well, more or less.

I woke up earlier than anyone in the house, as usual. Before going out of bed, I played several DGNA and Infinite songs. It was like they're serenading me on my birth-day. :3 I went outside, feeling giddy knowing it's my day(though I don't have any intention of admitting or celebrating it). The weather was cool. There was a lot of clouds though it was bright. I heard the birds sing. It was magical. I went to play with our kitties for a little while then went inside 'cause it started to rain. Everything was perfect! I love the rain and to think that it came specifically on my day? I guess it loves me, too.

After everyone woke up, we went to the mall to buy ingredients for the cake we will bake then went back home afterwards. It was my wish to my mom. Just to bake cake and maybe sleep the rest of the day.

Me and Alex(my sister whose day is the same as mine. We're not twins, though. I'm 3 years older than her. What a coincidence, right?), went to bake the cake while mom cooks pancit. I was so happy mixing the ingredients that most of the time I exaggerate and freak. I'm just glad it turned out quite well.

By night, my cousins came. I totally did not expect them coming(though their house is like 50 steps away from ours). So they sang the Happy birth-day song and I and Alex blew the sparkling candles after the song. We ate together. Although most of the time I was annoyed with their rants and other ugly stuffs, I still put up with them. Then we went to the park to eat ice cream. We watched oldies do aerobics. It was pretty funny 'cause they were dancing to Psy's Gentleman. Them we went near the rides. They rode on the Ferry's Wheel. I took pictures. After that, we went on window shopping; outside. Haha. Then, we got tired and went home.

I lay on my bed, thinking about my wish. I wonder if it'll come true. I do hope so.


My song(this definitely describe my life right now. How nostalgic. I wonder if it's fate or just mere coincidence):
I'm planning to make a cover of this but I don't know how to play any instruments.. Maybe I'll just settle for acapella? But I think that's gonna be hard. haha

Songs that remind me of this day:
(Remember the oldies dancing to this song?yeah)

This was playing while I was in the park. 


To sum it all up, I have to say I don't believe I've grown that much both mentally and physically. I got caught up in tangles I could not untangle by my own. I did not learn that many stuffs. I feel left behind. My friend was right, I'm self-destructive. I freak on little stuffs and I worry a lot.

But even though that's the case, I want to expand my outlook more, meet a variety of people, and improve my own worth.
It was her birth-day, too!


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