18 days left

5:07 PM

Remember I told you I that I need to clear my mind and know what's going on and to figure out what I need to do? I'm super proud to tell you that I've had some eye opening moment(well, at least that's what I think of it).

I have come to terms with my alter-ego. I have thought of the times I have spent in Manila. I was terribly lonely about my fan girl life. I have gone in to a total hiatus which is considered to be undesired.
Now, to make up for the lost times I am to spend the rest of the month doing research about the events I wasn't able to cover. Pyon! Pyon! Such a great idea. I'm a genius I should just marry myself.

Then after this month I am to make up for the missed opportunities to make myself better. Last school year was a total breakdown of my nerd phase. My nerd mind was not fed properly so it turned into its hibernation moment. It has to be activated again! I still don't have plans though. But in time I will discover it with open eyes, mind and heart. I'm so invincible. I'm a unicorn! 


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