My Happy Crush

7:56 PM

Oh my peanut butter and pillows! I never ever ever almost thought I'd have a happy crush in this almost boring full of weirdness and sweet surprise media life! So I was just checking one of the recommended channel in youtube by a magazine I bought when I went to the mall with my mom. Of course I was very happy as my ultimate fun hobby is to read read and read! Now, there were a lot of sites this magazine suggested to be visited which made me itsi bitsi dizzy at the time I went to check on all the sites.And then today I was fully able to really visit a fun one which is charlieissocoollike!
I promise on my hot sweet chocolate bar you would never regret you visited his site just because.
Charlie is so bubblin' cute especially when he tries to emphasize something and his face just goes crazy adorkably cute! Adding to that, some of the videos he make is very education like this one: Cool science: Light and he can also give my everyday life justice like this one:Stop procrastinating.
Did I already mention that he's so incredibly adorkfully cute? Yes. I think I already did. :))
 He's Charlie McDonnel

Oh! and . uhm.. That's his serious glasses
Soo cute.I'm dying. Dyyyying


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