The power of food

7:39 PM

The sun is high. The weather's hot. My skin is being bitten by the sun's rays. My mind's being shattered to pieces. I'm burned. 
I was a bit grumpy and confused early this morning because of the very very hot weather today. I went out by around 8 a.m. to go to church and the sun is already at rage. I don't know what I did wrong for it to hurt me, my skin, and brain. Maybe because I learned to love the moon more. I never truly know. I think the teacher saw something in me. He kept looking at me, his eyeballs peering at me intensely. I was scared but I put on my mask because I want to appear strong. 

Anyways, I'm here today to tell you my great adventures with food. \(^o^)/ Yaay!!

Wow! Ain't that watermelon mouth-watering? Yes. It's summer time here in the Philippines and believe me, living in a tropical country is hot, emphasizing in "summer". That watermelon up there is one of the things you'll love in the hot weathers. Now let's talk about the POWER of FOOD.

I love food. More so I  religiously praise it. :3 Understanding that I am Asian, I am very fond of Asian foods.Sushi, Kim bap, Dim sum, Curry, Fish balls, Onigiri, Popiah, Adobo, Satay, etc.
There are so many varieties of food Asians can offer. One simple dish is the Spamusumi. It is Spam, Norri, and rice. Eat it and your tummy will be thrilled to taste more.

Asian love sweets. We are very fond of yummy chocolates and cakes to served with teas. It is especially necessary on a hot afternoon. It helps us destress the troubles of the day.

Now, presenting: The power of FOOD!!

1. It keeps us energized!
Food is like the fuel in vehicles. Without it, we would be like a leaf being thrown wherever by the wind. So don't forget to eat your breakfast everyday.

2. It helps us maintain good eyesight.

Certain vegetables like carrots contain Vitamin A which is needed by our eyes to function more effectively. Bugs Bunny loves his carrots. Let's do the same! (And also, it's a plus for spotting your secret crush. hehe!)
3. Food helps improve our skin.
Ever wonder how to have nice, celebrity-like skin? Healthy food is the key! Tomato is high in antioxidants such as Vitamins C & A and antioxidants keeps our skin healthy.

4. Food relieve depression.
Ever had a broken heart, failed your exam, hurt yourself, felt down, or just depressed? Don't you always crave for ice cream, chocolate or any food when you feel down and then instantly feel somehow calmer? Yes. That's the power of food alright. Especially chocolates because it contains endorphin which make a person more livelier, happier, and active.

Haha! Okay maybe that was too much for chocolates, Mello.. Moving on...

5. Food helps improve your bones.
Foods makes us stronger and firmer! And in addition, it helps us have strong muscles.

6. Food makes it easier for us to sleep.

Oh my! Those cute sleeping faces makes me want to muffle in my bed, too!

Well, I guess that's it I have to offer about foods. Hehe!!
Hope it helped, somehow. 


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