Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune

6:31 PM

I finished reading this book on Monday evening. I really enjoyed reading this book as I am a fan of Percy Jackson and the author Rick Riordan. And just now I am chatting with my friend and I asked him authors he likes the most. He mentioned Rick!! I am so moved I just want to talk about all Rick's books.

PS. Letus/Thanatos/Death is so gorg like ugh so beautiful I wanna marry him. : )

Hehe just kidding. The description in the book is just very beautiful. He is the most beautiful death angel he's like my dream man. hehe Okay!! Ketsuekineko stop your fangirling!! *slaps my face* Ugh... I see Letus~~ Raw! bring me back to Earth!! 

So, I'm just gonna give a brief intro about the book

The Heroes of Olympus: The son of Neptune

This is the second book after The Lost Hero. After reading about Jason, Pipper, and Leo's story, we pretty much had an idea that there is another place for demigods to be safe and be able to harness their special gifts/talents. But where is Percy? Is he, by any chance, got to that other place? Is this what they say "Hera's exchange/tricks"?
You'll be able to solve question as you join the leads in their quest and as you go on, new questions will creep up your mind creating new ideas of what might or might not happen.
"Life is only beautiful because it ends."-Mars


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