Do you believe in evil? I was screwed

8:20 PM

I was happily lounging on the couch carelessly watching "Adams Family Values" when 
people started acting nuts on some minor twinkie things in the history of
the 21st Century while our little kitties gleefully taking their precious naps.

I mean seriously, can't the universe and Zeus be more cruel to me?
*Dances Before the Dawn- Why Why? Why Why? Why Why???*

Okay so nuff with that I'm just so wickedly sad it's like I've missed a lot of precious moment
in this life. in my generation. and I'm just a parasite.

I know I can't change that... I can't do no more about it
My life's damaged
My dreams slowly crushed
Is it my fault I was born with this
Evil lurking slowly from the dark side of something close to me
Haunting me
Luring me in
To keep the pain inside me 
I can feel myself. Becoming weak
Bleeding from the inside
The scars won't heal
Too deep
Too dark
Too late to save
Shall I cry for my misfortuned life for the rest of my existence?
Why, tell me, am I too indifferent to understand?

I can't speak of this
So I write
But it seems that writing is also slowly being taken away
by something..
Does writing find me too burdensome to keep company?
Does it feel no life with me?
Tell me, where do these letter go when they are not written of or spoken of?
Do they hide?
Do they run away?
Do they fly towards the sad and lonely moon up there?
Do they adore the stars?
Do they hate the sun? The heat? 'Cause I know I do
Do they go to someone else's mind and leave you for good?

I won't like that
My only company.. leaving me..
Too painful
Too much to take
It kills me
Making it too soon for The Grim Reaper

No. Stop. This is too much. Sadly, I must go back to my misfortunes.
I must eat.


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