fake awkward vs. real awkward

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fake awkward vs. real awkward

Words... They leave strong impressions, as well as actions, in this tickled white and black world.Actually, it's a two way process. Words cannot be described without a person visualizing it in his mind; Actions cannot be well portrayed without words. Just think about it. Sunshine kissed my skin early in the morning. There's nowhere I can hide. It found me while I'm dwelling in my most sacred place, in dreamland lying on my bed.

Yep. You sure did imagined it.Now visualize someone doing what is said on the photo, both scenario.

Have you done it?
Yay! Congratulations! You're human now. Wipee~~
No. Just kidding.

In this generation it seems that what people find unpopular(the word is unpopular because everything popular seems the thing people accept) in the generation before us is now what people accept popular(popular because that's what people all over the corners of our entire planet seems to be crazy about). 

Just like the two scenario in the photo. One is an awkward faker and the other is an awkward realist.If you're born in the generation before us(and considering you're not yet infected with this generation) you'd think it is so not cool to be awkward. I mean seriously, who would like to hang out with an awkward person(referring to the second person in the scenario)?
But no...our generation prefer to be awkward. For what reason? Well, this generation thinks that being awkward is being cute, being adorable, being ultimately 'it'. /sighs/It just makes me sad.
 What if the children of in our generation grew up thinking being awkward is the proper way to be? Would they ever be able to find their real selves? My professor in NSTP class once said, "We are all children of our time." For example, you're born in the time Afros are in trend then you would appreciate every person you see wearing an Afro. Or maybe you were born in World War I.
 All you'll think about is fight, survive, then die.It's a matter of time, intellect, and chance.We are all buried in our own thoughts. Think the things you want to. I'm just expressing mine.


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