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Hi! Hello! :)
I'm still feeling the prick of pain of yesterday's event but fear not! I'm reviving the feeling of hope. My lips still holds it. 

Okaayy. Why did I suddenly put L's teaser photos for his Bravo Viewtiful photo essay book?kekeke~
It's pretty obvious to us Inspirits that L loves his camera. What more, we Filipino Inspirits saw him come out of their waiting room in Manila Hotel holding is precious camera. Now he has his own photo essay book will be released in May!! Good job our dearest visual L!! We love you!
There will only be 30,000 copies to be made so fans better save money starting now.
Check it out on the links below:

One of the reasons I posted that is because I also have a dream to be a photographer. Well, L just inspired me more. Isn't it amazing to capture moments, people, nature, and events and will be able to look at it later?
I like cameras. One time I and my bff made a photoshoot. I became her photographer for the day. It was fantastic! I also got to choose the clothes and I was so happy all I pick turned out to be great.


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