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12:43 PM

I know it's been so long since I was able to update.
What a cliche huh? I think I've already made a post like this? hehe so sorry
My 1st year in College officially ended on March 22, 2013

Experiencing things without any family member was a bit tough. You have to take care of yourself and be cautious most of the time. You have to try your best not to get sick because no one's there to take care of you. What's more hard is doing school stuffs and running errands. You have to do things all by yourself. You have to buy the things you need. You have to decide for everything.
Yes, I sometimes make the wrong decisions but I always make sure I learn from it.

I became a staff writer in our school publication named, The Magdalo. Though a lot of times I'm not doing my best(till now I still haven't passed my work for the last issue of school year 2012-2013. Oh uh!)

Oh I so love reading!! And yes, most of the time I read in bed because the dorm I stay on doesn't have a big space so I always have to stay on my bed whether I'm studying, eating, or just resting.
I love reading fiction, classic, fantasy books. My most favorite was The Hunger Games Trilogy, Nicholas Sparks' works, The Secret Garden, Rick Riordan's works, and many more!!

I really son't get people. It's so hard for me to get to have a conversation with them especially if their aura intimidates me: those who I think is the people opposite of my kind. 

There was this guy I liked at school. He liked me, too. Though I was always the one looking for way for us to get to know each other and it annoyed me. Of course, since I liked the guy I used pink shadow effect. We became kinda close. We confessed our feelings, he gave me christmas present, and then talked behind my back.
I mean wth you're such a bad person you  make me angry! JERK really suits his name >n<
Okay. Enough with this useless topic.
"Don't remember and regret it.
Just move on and forget it."

I've been kinda weak in faith. I don't remember my the reason behind it but it was pretty pathetic of me.
I'm trying to bring back my faith in God again.

I've been kinda materialistic. There was so many things I wanna have but I have to limit spending 'cause I only have enough for food, house, and school expenses; sometimes not even enough.


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  1. It's okay, Saber Stranger, I can totally relate to your faith part and no worries it's always there even when you neglect or don't want it..Just a lot of soul searching and self-concentration will do the work.. ;) have a good one



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